Vertical Single Rotor Safety and Parts Manual - page 6

Robertson Press Machinery will ship out all replacement parts. All parts will be billed
upon shipment. Defective parts should be returned freight collect or by using a prepaid
freight bill. All return shipments must be accompanied by a RA# issued by Robertson
Press Machinery Co.
Warranty work can be preformed by the customer only under the guidance of our
technical support team. Robertson will install replacement parts at the customers
The equipment you have purchased carries a (1)
year warranty on parts against manufacturing defect.
Robertson Press Machinery Co. will repair or replace to
the purchaser, upon inspection, any defective part for a
(1) year period.
Fax: (417) 781-3704
Brake Hotline: (877-288-1929)
Joplin, MO 64801
1301 Maiden Lane
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