Robertson Disc Brake - page 3

Dancer Arm
Connectin g Rod
LED Indicato r Light
Lit when brake is on
Manual Sidelay
Brake Pad
Pull Pin
Installation s are fast with an integrate d
mountin g system using existing frame holes .
Remote control
panel located at
folder or console.
The system includes
an automatic startup
feature to free up the
operator for other
critical adjustments.
Robertson's heavy duty design
requires minimum upkeep, even
under heaviest production usage.
The system includes an automatic
air lubricatio n system to keep air
cylinders operating efficiently.
This system won't let you down.
Our override features allow brake
functions to operate manually as well
as automatically to ensure reliability
at all times.
The disc brake air tensioning system
is a smart investment that will pay for
itself in paper and labor savings. Our
system is not a luxury but a necessity
for today's printing demands. Many
users report savings of at least 2% in
annual paper consumption with this
system. Most users can justify the
cost in less than one year.
Six double rotor brakes installe d
on a News Faster press.
The disc brak e allow s for quic k rol l changes .
The brak e incorporate s a quic k releas e on the
rol l couple r therefor e maintainin g we b sidela
for quicke r startup s after rol l changes .
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