Vertical Double Rotor Safety and Parts Manual - page 8

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Section III. Installation Procedures
System Requirements
1. The model CDR98 is designed for operation on Goss
Community presses. Double rotor is intended for any
50” roll-stand, also any 42” roll-stand running over
30,000 copies per hour.
2. The CDR98 can be configured in either a right hand or
a left hand model. The right hand allows for paper
loading from left to right. The left hand allows for paper
loading from right to left. Please ensure you have the
correct model. (Figure III.1)
3. Power supply of 110v ac on a 20-amp circuit is
required to supply the main control panel at the folder
or console.
4. A ¼” air supply line with a minimum of 80 psi is
required at the main control panel.
5. All roll stands that are to be equipped with the brake
require the dancer shaft to protrude outside the frame
by a minimum of 2”. (Figure III.2) If not, the dancer
shaft must be changed prior to installation.
6. Core shafts either standard or air must be modified to
accommodate the roll shaft coupler. (Figure III.3A, 3B)
Roll shaft modification drawing.
Note: Core shafts are available through the factory for
additional charges.
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