Pressroom Safety - page 10

1. Always use the recommended chemical for the application.
2. Be sure to apply the chemicals in strict accordance with the supplier's instructions. Read the label and consult
with the supplier for any additional instructions.
3. When working with chemicals always wear protective gloves and eye shields.
4. Avoid splashing and spills. Use care when pouring.
5. Understand the kinds of chemicals in use. Know the required precautions and the first aid procedures for
each, in case of emergency.
6. Have eyewash station nearby and post the first aid procedures next to it. Know what to do for acid and alkali
7. Determine the injury possibilities for each chemical and solvent from the suppliers and prepare a first aid plan
for each.
8. Mix chemicals in ventilated areas only.
9. Wash off chemicals from skin immediately using soap and water. Rinse thoroughly.
10. Never use unknown chemicals.
11. Never add water to acid. Always add the acid last to water.
12. Store flammable chemicals and solvents according to proper OSHA code requirements. Use approved
13. Mark the containers and storage areas with the appropriate caution and warning signs.
14. Keep containers and storage areas clear of materials that could cause spontaneous combustion.
15. Always dispose of cleaning rags in safety containers.
16. Keep solvents and chemicals away from heaters, motors, or other spark or flame sources.
17. Use and store chemicals and solvents in a way that prevents spilling.
18. Containers must be marked with the identity of their contents.
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