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1. Position the machine so that adequate access to electrical components is provided. Maintenance and service
personnel will perform more safely when they have unobstructed access.
2. Provide enough clearance around the press to avoid congestion. Establish sufficient workspace and
passages between machines, walls, and partitions. Allow space for a firm well-balanced stance for lifting or
making adjustments.
3. Electrically ground the machine. This will ensure that the machine will not be a source of electrical shock that
could be fatal.
4. Check the open positions of hinged doors and covers to be sure that they open fully. Prevent restrictions that
force an operator to work in obstructed or cramped quarters. An off-balance operator with a difficult reach is
5. Maintain a clean and uncluttered work area.
6. Oil and ink spills are slippery and can cause falls. Clean up immediately.
7. Provide adequate lighting so workers can see where they are working. Avoid glare and shadow conditions.
1. Learn and abide by your company's safety regulations. They are meant to protect you.
2. Condition your mind for safety. Prepare yourself, be aware, and plan ahead. Remember being non-prepared
could cause a serious accident. An accident is more likely if you are untrained, inexperienced, or careless.
3. An operator should never attempt to run or maintain the press without first attaining the appropriate skills. The
lack of proper operating procedures, care, and attention, increases the potential hazards around the printing
press. Be sure all operators are individually and thoroughly trained on the kinds of presses they will be
4. To ensure proper training, operators should receive oral and written instructions from their employer. King
Press strongly recommends that specific safe operating procedures be established and practiced for the
different kinds of equipment in your plant.
5. Pursue safety. Establish a continuing program of safety checks and instructions for both operators and
maintenance personnel, and make certain the program is implemented. The primary objective of this program
is to avoid personal injury and damage to the equipment.
6. Include safety in management duties. Press runs should always be supervised by a pressman experienced in
proper press procedures. In addition to production performance the supervisor's responsibility should also
include monitoring of press crew actions that could affect personal safety or cause machine damage.
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